National Alumni Association

Join the JCSU National Alumni Association (NAA) Today!

How much are NAA membership dues?

The NAA membership dues are $25 per fiscal year (July -June). 

How do I join?

You may become a member of the NAA by joining a local alumni chapter of Johnson C. Smith University if you have an active chapter in your area. In this case, you would pay local chapter dues, along with the national dues. Chapters will remit to the NAA national dues and member information outlined below.

If you are in a location that does not currently have an active alumni chapter, membership dues should be made directly to the NAA using PayPal, credit card or a check payable to JCSU NAA.

National Alumni Association of JCSU 
P.O. Box 30354
Charlotte, N.C.  28230

Use PayPal or credit card for membership dues, event registrations and donations »

Please provide the following information with your check or PayPal payment: 

  • Card number
  • Name (if the payment is from a business)
  • Current mailing address 
  • Phone number 
  • Email address  
  • Class Year
  • Payment type, i.e. membership dues, homecoming dance, donation, etc.

Note: Use the Special Instructions section to send information not captured by the PayPal system.

Why is it important to join the NAA? 

Your membership and participation in NAA sponsored events help to support the programs and goals of JCSU and maintain a strong spirit of loyalty, support, and cooperation among alumni, friends, and former students.